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Video Maker FAQ

How many videos per day can I create?

Unlimited. Everytime you create a video it renders in the cloud and when it's complete we send you an email letting you know.

That means you can carry on making more videos while the others are the oven.

Don't I need a powerful computer to make videos?

Not with us. Our Rendering Engine takes care of all the hard work that normally takes place on your computer.

As long as you have an internet connection you're good to go.

What video features can I edit?

You can change the images, add video, write your own text, change the colours to suit your brand, and change the music.

The timing of the template will remain unchanged and anything you upload will be automatically trimmed to suit the template without you having to do a thing.

You can of course choose any template you want and don't have to stick to specific days in the calendar.

How far ahead can I schedule?

The calendar revolves during the year to ensure your dashboard doesn't become overcrowded.

We suggest that you stay around a week in advance so that you can add relevant comments, either about events in your business or trending subjects.

The templates will be available over a month in advance, so you have the choice to create and schedule whenever you want. As long as the social media platform allows you to schedule that far ahead you should be good to go.

Can I change my social media accounts?

Sure. Just disconnect an old account by removing authorisation and then connect to your new account.

Can I download my videos?

Absolutely. Our service is designed to post and syndicate your videos to get the maximum of social media coverage, but it's only one of many uses.

If you have a business where you can present products on your premises, why not download your videos and show them on your own screens.

Great examples would be creating specials menus for your restaurant, or showcasing property as an upsell to clients in your estate agents window.

You can spend 5 to 10 minutes creating a short video using our service, then download it to use anywhere.

Remember, our service is unlimited so you won't be restricted to 5 or 10 videos a month like most services that charge you twice the price.

Can I upload my own videos?

Yes you can.

You can upload your own videos or images inside the templates when editing. It will be limited to the template animation so it's best to only upload the segment you want.

Don't forget you have the template section for specific media channels and you are not limited to using the suggested daily calendar video.

If you have a standard video and you need to change the format for a specific media channel, to square or vertical for example, you can upload them in the Remaker tool and add your own text overlays.